The Hidden Reef does not offer good customer service!

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I purchased a wet/dry filtration system from The Hidden Reef and spent over $735.00 there.Since installing the system I've had nothing but trouble with it.

The system makes a horrible gurgling sound when operating. I've tried every suggestion the company of the system offered but to no avail. When checking their web site I discovered many other's complaining of the same problem - too much noise. I finally decided to dismantle the system and return it to the Hidden Reef.

Long story short - they refused to refund the equipment. No nothing! I've since contacted the credit card company and started a dispute. Unfortunately I also paid cash for a portion of the merchandise.

We'll see what the credit card company can do to help.

I'll never purchased another item from The Hidden Reef (located on New Falls Road, Bensalem, Pa.)

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A bad filter is not the reefs fault but the company that made it.As well as you can't expect them to take it back if you've been using it.

If there is a problem with it you have to return it to the company itself not the store.Luckily the hidden reef has a very high costumer rate and losing you will not matter really.

Blossvale, New York, United States #24118

i don't see how the hidden reef did anything wrong. it says right on their receipt that they do not give refunds.

the product is the problem. not the store.

it's USAveterans fault for not researching and purchasing a quality product.

" a fool and his money are soon parted"

Shoreham, New York, United States #5653

The owner of The Hidden Reef contacted me and we both agreed on a resolution into this matter.He really understands the value of good customer relations.

It was greatly appreciated by me.He even agreed to come to the house and set up the system.

Sebewaing, Michigan, United States #3577

We have tried to talk to the customer but every time we tried helping to solve the problem he said NO I want to return all these products and I want full credit.The Filters and pumps where used over 1 Month and all fittings and Hoses where glued.We try to help customers as best as possible but if we try to help and you do not.

It is a little tough to do. All Equipment is still stored here if the customer needs a hand we will try to help.

We have also contacted all the Manufactures involved.The Manufactures all told us they would not offer any Reimbursements due to the Items not be defective.

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